Operation: Be Organised Commencing (Travel Threads Haul)

Tuesday 15th Sept – 11:04am – Sydney Australia

Okay, I actually started to try and get my crap together yesterday. You’d be so proud. After getting my “hurr did”, I headed to the mall with a mental shopping list and planned to smash out a bunch of the stuff I needed for my trip. Obviously, the primary reason I’m going on this trip is for the World Championship so most of my time will be spent in uniform, but there are a few other bits and pieces I needed. I thought I would try and be purposeful about what I brought, so here is the little haul I ended up with.

12033488_10206988065475517_1014059399_nFirst is my casual stuff which you can see here. I’m a huge fan of dressing simply, especially while travelling and an equally big fan of black, white and grey paired with denim for a very simple day to day outfit. If I were at home, I would still wear things like this but would maybe dress it up with accessories, but traveling to  Colombia, I’m keeping it real simple. My shirts are from JB’s Wear which is a clothing wholesaler that I scored these from as my dad has a business selling work wear. The white one is a scoop neck and the black is a V-neck. I also picked up a pair of medium blue high-rise skinny jeans (high-rise is my fave) and a pair of light blue high-rise ankle biters from Jay-Jay’s where they had a 2 for $60 deal going. I’ve been buying my jeans from Jay-Jay’s for years and I think they’re great and they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Lastly, my casual kicks. I picked up some black flip-flops (or thongs as we say here in Oz) for $4 and some grey sandshoes for $5 from Target.

12025328_10206988063235461_1579381191_nNext up, my pretty things. I’m just packing two pretty, slightly more dressy items for if we go out for a post-Championship celebration. The left is a very swingy, loose cover-up style dress, which I may wear over my swimmers if we hang by the pool and the right is a really cute little number from Dotti which I’ll probably end up wearing for any post-Champ celebration. The weather in Cali is pretty warm and humid at the moment so I’m packing for spring/summer. I love these pieces because of my penchant for wearing black and white. They are perfect because they are cute, summery and also meet my black-wearing needs. My mum actually picked these up for me from a Mission Australia Big Heart Op-Shop (thrift store for you Americans). They were both brand new with tags however and cost her around $10 for the two of them. Thanks mum!

12025275_10206988064835501_2060501174_nNext are my chilling threads. Real simply, my compression tights from JB’s Wear and my adorable kitty jammies from Kmart. These compression tights are my whole life now and I intend to wear them on my flight. We have to wear our uniform to board but I’ll have these on under my tracksuit pants and will be shedding the trackies in favour of these babies quick smart. They are so comfortable it’s ridiculous.


Next up is unofficial, country training gear. This is the brainchild of our coach so we can keep cool, training in the hot Cali weather. The singlets were from the Coles brand Mix and the leggings are from Active&Co. Our coach had the Australia and Platinum Australia transfers made.

Last but definitely not least is the Official Australian Team Uniform. This is what I’ll be living in most of my trip. I have two polo shirts, a crew neck shirt, shorts, three-quarter length shorts, a lights long sleeved hoodie, and the official tracksuit. I’m not including all of the uniform in this post because I’m sure you’ll see many pictures of us rocking it in the days to come. Skate Australia has it’s uniforms made by Engage Athletic.


So that is my little clothing haul. Obviously didn’t include socks and undies and all that lovely stuff. I also didn’t include my official Australian leotard or Platinum costume (so don’t panic Nicole). I still have a few things I might throw in for good measure. But I’m thinking I’m doing a pretty good job and being organised. Usually I just throw in a bunch of random stuff without thinking ahead what I’ll do with it so here’s hoping!

Ally x


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