Mission To Get Organised Enters Phase Two (Packing Begins)

Wednesday 16th Sept – 11:13am – Sydney, Australia

This morning has been relatively productive, except for the fact that I walked over to the shops to buy a bottle of Febreeze and a lint roller and came back home with this:
Do you see a bottle of Febreeze and a lint roller? No. No you don’t. So now I’m going to to haul ass back over there again. I did, in this above haul, however, manage to pick up almost all the toiletries that I’ll be needing with me so that’s a plus. The other day I bought a three piece toiletry bag set from Target for $15 and I thought it would be perfect but I think it’s probably going to be too small. Ugh! Why can’t I travel light!? Speaking of, I also started packing my suitcase. I found a medium sized one that I was planning to use as opposed to my gigantic one but it’s not looking good for me, I may need the bigger one. Why!!!??? It’s the skates and skate gear that takes up all the room.
Why!? That’s  just casual clothes and superfluous bits of Aussie uniform I won’t be wearing on the plane.
Last year, when we went to Spain, my teammate Sam had her bag go on a mysterious adventure around the world instead of arriving in Barcelona when it was meant to. Luckily for Sam, she wisely packed all her costumes and gear in her carry-on so, whilst she had a whole big thing trying to get some skates to use for the competition, she at least had her costumes. It occurred to me, that I had checked all my costumes last year so if it had been me I would have been screwed. So Sam served as a cautionary tale to me and any others who checked their costumes. I will not be doing that this year. Unfortunately, security means we can’t carry-on our skates, but at least if we have all our irreplaceable costumes with us in our hand, we can always work around finding replacement skates.
So I’ve started packing my carry-on luggage which I really wanted to just have one bag with all my stuff in, but I’m probably going to end up taking my carry-on backpack with my costumes and whatnot, plus, a really small purse to shove my phone, passport and all that jazz in. I’ll probably do a post later about what I put in that bag.
I feel kind off today. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the excitement for the trip or the anxiety setting in. Who know. It’s probably both. I’ve been trying really hard this week to take extra good care of myself, drinking lots of water, trying to cut down on caffeine and eating and resting well so I had a yummy breakfast of Cacao Five:Am Organic Yoghurt and strawberries and got to work blinging my costume. I’ve finished a big portion but I still have quite bit left so I’d like to get a good lot of it done by the end of the day.
I’m going to go now and have lunch and also go back to the shops to buy the bottle of Febreeze and lint roller.
Ally x
Welp. I’ve caved. Transferring all my crap  into larger bag. I’ve failed. It’s the skates I tell you. Okay now I’m really going to have lunch.
Yes I've caved. Yes that's a bra.

Yes I’ve caved. Yes that’s a bra.


Okay, I’m back on track now I’ve upsized my suitcase. I swear to God, that medium size just doesn’t cut it. Not when I’ve got a pair of skates and a whole bunch of tools and parts to pack too. Forget that. The large bag will be fine.

I’m on point with my blinging, and only have one more bling task to accomplish before I can gather all my costume bits and bobs and pack them.

Whoa, we're halfway there-ere!

Whoa, we’re halfway there-ere!

Good Lord. It’s Wednesday, three sleeps before we leave and I have started packing. I am so surprised and also impressed at how organised I am right now.

You’ll be happy I got my Febreeze and my lint roller (it’s pink so no one else in my family will pinch it) which will kind of serve as my laundry while I’m gone.

Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished

Tonight I’m going into the rink for my second last training session before lift off. Despite all my organisation and preparation, it still doesn’t really feel real that we’re leaving in three sleeps.
Tomorrow and Friday my brother is off from uni so tonight we’re going to stay up as late as possible. I want to try and see if I can begin adjusting my sleep schedule just to lessen the blow of jet-lag when we arrive. Because we aren’t just going for a holiday and we actually have to get to the other end and be worth a damn to compete, we can’t afford to be jet-lagged for a ridiculous amount of time when we arrive so I’m going to try and do my best to prepare myself.
Talk to you later.
Ally x

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