T – 24 hours

Friday 18th Sept – 10:22am – Sydney, Australia

I stayed up late the last couple of nights watching Star Wars Episodes 4 and 5 (I’ll probably watch Return of the Jedi tonight) and had a lie in, hoping in vain that this might ease the whole time difference pain. Who knows if this is even beneficial, but whatever, I enjoy watching movies.

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was, “holy crap, we leave tomorrow” and despite how organised I’ve been, I still felt completely overwhelmed.

Yesterday I didn’t really have a lot to do. I had my last training session before leaving and I cleaned and oiled the first lot of my bearings. The second lot is currently having a bath right now.

Evie and I were contemplating whether or no we wanted to fake tan for this trip and after much deliberation, we decided to not throw away our pale morals and rock our fair skin. At least we’ll look exotic in South America.

As for right now, I’m going to head back to the shops one last time to pick up some final essentials before coming back home, finishing my packing and probably just having a bit of a chill.

Talk soon.

Ally x


So I thought that was going to be my last shopping trip but apparently it’s impossible to buy a freaking power adapter anywhere. So I now have to go back to different shops. I did pick up a few last minute things including a new pair of togs.

Saaahh cute

Saaahh cute

Got this whole thing for $32 from Kmart. I’m a simple gal and if something looks cute and isn’t going to send me broke, I’m all about that. I’m obsessed with Kmart right now, to be honest.


While there I also grabbed some last minute tops because why not. Just some simple singlets and a Wonder Woman shirt because I’m a sucker for anything superhero related.

Annoyed I have to go back to the shops but I’ll get there. My last set of bearings have been oiled and are now just chilling for a bit before I pop them back in my wheels. I’m so ready for this. So close to being done packing. But first lunch.


God, trying to find a power adapter was harder than expected, but now I have one and I’m pretty sure I have everything I need (except for sneaky snacks). My wheels and bearings have enjoyed their spa day and are now all ready and raring to go. I have packed four different sets and a whole lot of spare bearings so I won’t be missing anything.

Evie and I are planning to Vlog this trip as well as blog so here’s hoping that works out and I can share a lovely little series of videos once I get back home.

My amazing mother has finally completed my Australian Leo. It was designed by our coach, Esther and is absolutely stunning! Events have begun over in Cali now and I’m so glad we leave tomorrow so we won’t miss out on anything else!


Tonight we’re going out for dinner as a bon voyage celebration, so that will be nice. I don’t know why I feel like I have so much still left to do. I’m pretty much good to go.

I’ll check back later tonight.

Ally xo


Okay, my carry on luggage is packed. I know it is, but even so, I keep thinking that maybe something with climb back out.

What’s in my Carry On Luggage?

  • Show costume
  • Australian leotard
  • Training clothes
  • Aussie uniform
  • My orthotics
  • Spare knickers
  • My pjs
  • Stockings
  • And most importantly, Cards Against Humanity
Follow me on Snapchat: allymulvey

Follow me on Snapchat: allymulvey

My handbag isn’t packed yet but we’re getting there. Checked luggage is almost packed. I started to feel the excitement but also the anxiety.



Well I’ve done really all I can do and after I pack my hair and makeup stuff after I use it in the morning, I’ll be as ready as I’ll ever be. I can’t believe tomorrow’s the day. It doesn’t feel real. Who knows if I’ll get much sleep tonight. I might be too pumped. We’ll see. Our flight leaves at 9:30 tomorrow morning so we’ll have to get to the airport at the crack of dawn. I think once we’re through security and have checked our stuff and are on our way it might finally hit me that we’re going to Cali.

Goodnight for now. I’ll speak to you very early in the morning.

Ally xo



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