Wednesday 23rd Sept – 22:44 – Cali, Colombia

Good lord, we haven’t stopped since getting here! Most days have been the same. Breakfast at 8am which is a buffet and has these awesome little savoury donut ball things which are great. Then we head on a crazy taxi ride to the practice rink for country training which has been so exhausting but also really good. It’s so hot and the air is very thick in the rink despite the open air style. The floor is ice court and is ultra grippy and slow so hopefully once we get on the main rink, we’ll be flying. After training each day, we cab it back home for lunch and then off to the rink for the competition. Both today and yesterday have been much the same. We don’t have much time for down time.

Robert skated his short program on Monday night and he finished tenth! We were all of course super excited for him. He’s got his long tomorrow. This evening we did off skate show training on a roof top terrace so that was nice albeit windy as hell.

We’ve been bonding a lot with the South Australians who are so lovely and supportive. The camaraderie there at training and the comp has been awesome.

We got our draw for our comp today. We are skating third.

We also discovered cherry lemonade and coconut lemonade. It’s all fresh squeezed and delicious! We’ve actually had a lot of really awesome meals and there has been a surprising amount of vegetarian options.

There really isn’t a whole lot more to add at this point. Hopefully training tomorrow will be lest exhausting and we’ll be able to push on further.

Talk soon.

Ally xo


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