Ally Does Halloween 2015: Mistress of the Dark

In Australia, many people have many different reasons for not celebrating Halloween. Some say it’s evil, some think it’s too “American” (despite originating in Ireland but whatevs). I don’t celebrate Halloween necessarily, but in my opinion, any opportunity to dress up and have a good time sounds good to me.

Last night was the Halloween Roller Disco hosted by Rollergirl Promotions at the UNSW Roundhouse here in Sydney. It was a great night of skating, karaoke, food and alcohol, but my job meant that my night looked like this.


Did that stop me from dressing up? Uh, no. Being that I have black hair and am very pale, Halloween agrees with me, and I don’t ever have any issues coming up with a look and costume. This year I drew inspiration from the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira.

12065629_10207259231054487_8116927308506400987_n 12188561_10207264839234688_1063288832_n

My boots I have owned forever and are totally destroyed when you look up close. I bought them during my emo phase, not originally for costume purposes but nowadays, that’s all I ever wear them for. Every time I do a spring clean of my wardrobe I chew over whether or not I should bin them, but I always keep them for such occasions as these. I do not remember where they came from. My tights are Capezio Over the Boot skate tights in black with diamantes.

The rest of my outfit was sourced from Mission Australia Big Heart Op-Shop (thrift store). The black lace dress has a label in it that says Qingyishe so I guess that’s where that’s from and the chiffon blouse is from Target.

My eye makeup was done using the Chi Chi Cosmetics Sunset Palette and Nyx Gel Eyeliner.


Obviously, I was missing Elvira’s second biggest feature after her hair (massive cleavage) but it was chilly working on the door.

It was a fun night, and even more fun trying to take the tonne of makeup off my face and even MORE fun entangling all of my teased hair (I teased the crap out of it to get it that boofy. Like seriously, it was more teased than an ugly child).

With my hair like that and those shoes on, I was nearly eight feet tall.