My Book

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved telling stories, and one of my biggest goals has been to write an entire novel. My Documents on my computer is chock full of half written stories and ideas that have never developed into anything more than a brief synopsis and a few half thought out, undeveloped characters.

One of my biggest inspirations for writing has always been my skating and many of those unfinished stories have been about that, but my seven years away from skating and my return in late 2013 to the sport re-inspired me again to look into telling a skating story.

Growing up, I loved “girly” sports movies like A League of Their Own, Ice Castles and Stick It, but it always made me sad that there were no stories out there (that I could find anyway) about artistic roller skating, so I always thought, maybe it’s up to me to write one! So 2014 I began putting pen to paper again and coming up with a new story, not just about skating, but about love, life, adventure and happiness, a story that skaters and non-skaters alike could enjoy and relate to.

Whilst I have no reservation about blogging and writing my thoughts, I’ve always been extremely insecure about sharing my fictional work, but I figure that if I want to ever achieve my goals of writing a novel, I’ll have to get over it!

It’s a massive work in progress but I just thought I’d share about it to maybe help hold myself accountable to actually finish it one day.

“Roll With It” is the story of a twenty-something artistic roller skater who has never found anything to live for other than the love of the sport, who is struggling with the fact that her boyfriend is putting pressure on her to retire before she feels ready. She decides to make this year her last competitive year before retiring and settling down, but over the course of twelve months, she learns more about herself and begins to see her boyfriends controlling true colours. She turns to her friends to discover who really cares for and wants want’s best for her but when tragedy strikes, she must go on a journey to discover that there are things in life that really are worth retiring for.


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